Coaches of the Year

Spencer Penrose Award
(Division I Coach of the Year)
Named in honor of the benefactor whose fortune built the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, home of the first ten NCAA Championships.
Winners of the Spencer Penrose Award
(Division I Coach of the Year)
1951 Edward Jeremiah, Dartmouth   1985 Len Ceglarski, Boston College
1952 Cheddy Thompson, Colorado College   1986 Ralph Backstrom, Denver
1953 John Mariucci, Minnesota   1987 John "Gino" Gasparini, North Dakota
1954 Vic Heyliger, Michigan   1988 Frank Anzalone, Lake Superior
1955 Ralph "Cooney" Weiland, Harvard   1989 Joe Marsh, St. Lawrence
1956 William Harrison, Clarkson   1990 Terry Slater, Colgate
1957 Jack Riley, Army   1991 Rick Comley, Northern Michigan
1958 Harry Cleverly, Boston University   1992 Ron Mason, Michigan State
1959 John "Snooks" Kelley, Boston College   1993 George Gwozdecky, Miami
1960 Jack Riley, Army   1994 Don Lucia, Colorado College
1961 Murray Armstrong, Denver   1995 Shawn Walsh, Maine
1962 Jack Kelley, Colby   1996 Bruce Crowder, UMass Lowell
1963 Tony Frasca, Colorado College   1997 Dean Blais, North Dakota
1964 Tom Eccleston, Jr., Providence   1998 Tim Taylor, Yale
1965 Jim Fullerton, Brown   1999 Richard Umile, New Hampshire
1966 Amo Bessone, Michigan State
Len Ceglarski, Clarkson
  2000 Joe Marsh, St. Lawrence
1967 Edward Jeremiah, Dartmouth   2001 Dean Blais, North Dakota
1968 Ned Harkness, Cornell   2002 Tim Whitehead, Maine
1969 Charlie Holt, New Hampshire   2003 Bob Daniels, Ferris State
1970 John Maclnnes, Michigan Tech   2004 Scott Sandelin, Minnesota-Duluth
1971 Ralph "Cooney" Weiland, Harvard   2005 George Gwozdecky, Denver
1972 John "Snooks" Kelley, Boston College   2006 Enrico Blasi, Miami
1973 Len Ceglarski, Boston College   2007 Jeff Jackson, Notre Dame
1974 Charlie Holt, New Hampshire   2008 Red Berenson, Michigan
1975 Jack Parker, Boston University   2009 Jack Parker, Boston University
1976 John Maclnnes, Michigan Tech   2010 Wayne Wilson, RIT
1977 Jerry York, Clarkson   2011 Nate Leaman, Union
1978 Jack Parker, Boston University   2012 Bob Daniels, Ferris State
1979 Charlie Holt, New Hampshire   2013 Norm Bazin, UMass Lowell
1980 Rick Comley, Northern Michigan   2014 Rick Bennett, Union
1981 Bill O'Flaherty, Clarkson   2015 Mike Hastings, Minnesota State
1982 Ferny Flaman, Northeastern   2016 Rand Pecknold, Quinnipiac
1983 Bill Cleary, Harvard   2017 Jim Montgomery, Denver
1984 Mike Sertich, Minnesota-Duluth   2018 Jeff Jackson, Notre Dame

Jeff Jackson is the 2018 recipient of the Spencer Penrose Award

Edward Jeremiah Award
(Division III Coach of the Year)
Named after the famed Dartmouth College coach who, in addition to winning 308 college games, wrote an instructional text considered the hockey bible by many.
Previous Winners of the Edward Jeremiah Award
(Division III Coach of the Year)
1970 Sid Watson, Bowdoin   1994 Jeff Meredith, Fredonia
1971 Sid Watson, Bowdoin   1995 Bill Beaney, Middlebury
1972 Jack Canniff, Massachusetts   1996 Dean Talafous, WI-River Falls
1973 Jim Cross, Vermont   1997 Mike McShane, Norwich
1974 Barry Urbanski, Boston State   1998 Mike Schwartz, Augsburg
1975 Wendall Forbes, Middlebury   1999 Mike McShane, Norwich
1976 Don Roberts, Gustavus Adolphus   2000 Mike McShane, Norwich
1977 Bill Riley, Jr., Lowell   2001 Wayne Wilson, RIT
1978 Sid Watson, Bowdoin   2002 Dan Stauber, WI-Superior
1979 Don Brose, Mankato State   2003 George Roll, Oswego State
1980 Steve Stirling, Babson   2004 Bill Beaney, Middlebury
1981 Herb Hammond, Plattsburgh State   2005 Terry Skrypek, St. Thomas
1982 Steve Stirling, Babson   2006 Bill Beaney, Middlebury
1983 Mike Gibbons, Bemidji State   2007 Ed Gosek, Oswego State
  Peter Van Buskirk, Holy Cross   2008 Tim Coghlin, St. Norbert College
1984 Bob Peters, Bemidji State   2009 Dominick Dawes, Neumann College
1985 Rob Riley, Babson   2010 Mike McShane, Norwich
1986 Terry Meagher, Bowdoin   2011 Tim Coghlin, St. Norbert College
1987 Tony Mariano, Norwich   2012 Jack Arena, Amherst College
1988 Glenn Thomaris, Elmira   2013 Matt Loen, UW-Eau Claire
1989 Terry Meagher, Bowdoin   2014 Chris Schultz, Geneseo
1990 Bill Beaney, Middlebury   2015 Jack Arena, Amherst College
1991 Glenn Thomaris, Elmira   2016 Chris Schultz, Geneseo
Peter Belisle, UMass Boston
1992 Bruce Marshall, Connecticut   2017 Mike McShane, Norwich
1993 Joe Baldarotta, WI-Stevens Point   2018 Blaise MacDonald, Colby College

Blaise MacDonald of Colby College earned the 2018 Jeremiah Award

Women's Division I Coach of the Year

Winners of the Women's Division I Coach of the Year

1998 Laura Halldorson, Minnesota   2009 Mark Johnson, Wisconsin
1999 Katey Stone, Harvard   2010 Doug Derraugh, Cornell
2000 Judy Oberting, Dartmouth   2011 Mark Johnson, Wisconsin
2001 Paul Flanagan, St. Lawrence   2012 Chris Wells, St. Lawrence
2002 Laura Halldorson, Minnesota   2013 Brad Frost, Minnesota
2003 Shannon Miller, Minnesota-Duluth   2014 Brad Frost, Minnesota
2004 Laura Halldorson, Minnesota   2015 Katie King Crowley, Boston College
2005 Mike Sisti, Mercyhurst   2016 Katie Crowley, Boston College
2006 Mark Johnson, Wisconsin   2017 Maura Crowell, Minnesota Duluth
2007 Mark Johnson, Wisconsin   2018 Greg Fargo, Colgate
2008 Jim Fetter, Wayne State      

Greg Fargo of Colgate was named the Women's Division I Coach of the Year Award for 2017-18

Women's Division III Coach of the Year

Winners of the Women's Division III Coach of the Year Award

2000 Ted Wisner, Colgate   2010 Mark Bolding, Norwich
2001 Bill Mandigo, Middlebury   2011 Mark Bolding, Norwich
2002 Jamie Wood, Elmira   2012 Mark Bolding, Norwich
2003 Michele Amidon, Bowdoin   2013 Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State
2004 Bill Mandigo, Middlebury   2014 Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State
2005 Bill Mandigo, Middlebury   2015 Dean Jackson, Elmira
2006 Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State   2016 Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State
2007 Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State   2017 Chad Davis, Adrian College
2008 Kevin Houle, Plattsburgh State   2018 Mark Bolding, Norwich
2009 Jim Plumer. Amherst College      

Mark Bolding of Norwich University earned the Women's Division III Coach of the Year Award for 2017-178