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Do not submit an AHCA Convention Registration Payment if you are not a full Dues Paying Member of the AHCA. The AHCA convention is available only to AHCA members. If you intend to attend the convention and are not a member, you must first submit the appropriate AHCA membership registration.

2017 Convention Registration Form - April 26 - 30 in Naples, FL

The 2017 AHCA Convention will formally begin on Wednesday, April 26, and close on Sunday, April 30. You may wish to check conference and other organizational meetings that could be scheduled for those days that precede the start of AHCA activities on April 26.

Please note:

  1. Some states may be on school vacation the same week we are in Naples. Book flights and hotel accordingly.
  2. Rooms at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club will sell out. You are advised to book your rooms early. The number to call is (239) 261-2222.
  3. To attend the Convention, other than paying exhibitors, everyone must be an AHCA member and must pay a Convention Fee. Schools paying staff membership dues are covering membership dues for coaches only. Equipment managers, athletic trainers, video coordinators, administrative assistants and administrators must join the AHCA as Allied members and pay convention fees as well.
  4. Convention fees will not be accepted if you are not a member in good standing.

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Convention fees are: $150 per individual if paying before March 1; after March 1, the fee is $175. Please note the convention fee is now $175 per person.

Once you have paid dues, you may complete and return this form with all names of attendees and pay the appropriate amount through our secureonline processing system. Note: Please use cuation when filling out names below as this information is used to create Convention badges, which are needed for entry into all Convention activities.

NOTE: You must be a paid-up member of the AHCA to attend the AHCA Convention.

Online Registration is a Two-Step Process:

1. Fill out the registration form below. Please complete this form as completely and accurately as possible.

2. After submitting this form, please choose the appropriate payment option on the next page to advance to our secure online payment solution.

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If you have any membership questions, contact Kathy Bertagna via ahcahockey@comcast.net.