Hockey Coaches Care

What is "Hockey Coaches Care"?

Hockey Coaches Care is an organization committed to helping members of the amateur hockey community in times of need, as well as organizations within the amateur hockey community that seek to serve the best interests of its members.

Funding for Hockey Coaches Care, a tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) organization incorporated in the state of Maine, comes from a wide range of individuals and organizations. A portion of the start-up funding for Hockey Coaches Care came from the Shawn Walsh Foundation, a fund set up to honor the late University of Maine head coach.

Hockey Coaches Care will consider applications for grants twice a year, with individual and organizational awards (capped at $6,000) issued in May and November of each year.

Hockey Coaches Care Board of Directors

Joe Bertagna, Commissioner, Hockey East Association
Roger Grillo, USA Hockey ADM Regional Manager
Bruce Delventhal, AHCA Treasurer
Jim Montgomery, University of Denver
Jim Tortorella, At-Large Member
Tyler Walsh, At-Large Member
Kevin Walsh, At-Large Member

Who does it help?

"Hockey Coaches Care" has been designed to help a coach or family member or other member of the greater amateur hockey community who is ill or injured in an accident or who has lost a job or has in some other way come upon hard times.

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a Hockey Coaches Care Grant, please review, fill out and return our Application for Grant Consideration.

How have people contributed?

Colleges have given proceeds from "50-50" raffles and from inter-squad games; "Friends" groups and individuals have simply written checks. Donations have been made to memorialize loved ones. There is no standard way to give.

What can I do today?

Contact either:
Jim Tortorella via jimtortorella@gmail.com, or, Joe Bertagna at 1-781-245-4177, or via e-mail at jbertagna@hockeyeastonline.com.

Or Make a donation via Give Gab ... please click on the "Donate Via GiveGab Now" button located at the top of this page

Or please consider printing and returning our Hockey Coaches Care Contribution Card - Any level of donation is appreciated.

AHCA treasurer Bruce Delventhal presents USA Hockey's Scott Paluch a "Hockey Coaches Care" check for $5,000 on behalf of Paula Roll, wife of Nazareth College head coach George Roll., who has been dealing with a serious illness.