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2018 AHCA Convention Registrants

*If you do not see your name on this list, either you have not paid the registration fee or you have not paid your membership dues. Convention fees are: $165 per individual if paying before April 1; after April 1, the fee is $200.

If you believe you were omitted from this list by error, please be sure to have proof of payment and then contact Kathy Bertagna at ahcahockey@comcast.net.

This list was last updated on Sunday, November 19, 2017
This list only includes AHCA members and NOT ACHA members

Last Name First Name Institution
Last Name First Name Institution
Alfama Derek Providence College
Anderson Jake Merrimack College
Ardito Ed Quinnipiac University
Baglio Dave Union
Baker Mitch Union College
Bazin Norm UMass - Lowell
Bellamy Laura Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Bennett Rick Union College
Berard David Holy Cross
Bergeron Chris Bowling Green
Berman Lindsay University of Massachusetts-Boston
Bier Sarah St. Norbert College
Bittner JB The Ohio State University
Blasi Enrico Miami University
Boeser Jeff University of St. Thomas
Borges Dana Williams College
Brekke Brent Miami University
Brown Celeste Penn State University
Carle David University of Denver
Carpenito Nick Northeastern University
Carter Jason Saint Mary's University
Cicero Christie RPI
Colbert Whitney Union College
Connolly Tara RPI
Connolly Chris Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Coomey Allison Penn State University
Cross Michael Penn State
Crowell Maura Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Currier Bryce Norwich University
Dawes Alex Penn State University
Decosse Stefan Colgate University
Demczuk Christopher Penn State
Deraney Bob Providence College
DiMella Mike Boston University
Donato Ted Harvard University
Driscoll Bill North American Hockey Academy
Duggan Carson University of Connecticut
Dumais Joe Quinnipiac University
Dynan Rory Gustavus Adolphus
Educate Louis Utica College
Eigner Ty Bowling Green State Univ.
Ellsworth Cam UMass - Lowell
Emery Bob Plattsburgh State
Fargo Greg Colgate University
Findorff Michael Bentley College
Fisher Keith Penn State University
Flint David Northeastern University
Gadowsky Guy Penn State University
Gendron Red University of Maine
Gershon Michael Robert Morris University
Gettens Alex University of Maine
Gibbons Mike St. Cloud State Univ.
Graham Nolan RPI
Greenwald Ian Union
Grogan Matt Holy Cross
Guite Ben University of Maine
Hamlen Erin Merrimack College
Handrahan Casey UConn
Harder Mike Colgate University
Heenan Gary Utica College
Herter Jason Minnesota - Duluth
Hill Tom Miami University
Hills Brian RIT
Insalaco Dave RIT
Jackson Jeff University of Notre Dame
Jewell Dan RPI
Jones Andy UMass - Lowell
Kampersal Jeff Penn State University
Karlis Aleandra University of Massachusetts-Boston
Keefe Jerry Northeastern University
Kennedy Courtney Boston College
King Crowley Katie Boston College
Larson Brett Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
LeBel Layne The Ohio State University
Leclerc Sophie Colgate University
Lindsay Matt Penn State University
Loen Matt Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Lysyj Michael Fredonia
MacDonald Kyle Penn State University
Maciaszek Marty Hockey Dealers Association
Mackenzie Chris UConn
MacMillan Tavis University of Denver
Madigan Jim Northeastern University
Matthews Kerstin Saint Anselm College
Mattson Steve Norwich University
Mazzotta Amanda Quinnipiac University
McGuane Dana RPI
McKelvie Zach Army
McKelvie Chris Army
McKenney Neil Quinnipiac
McLaughlin Mike Northeastern University
McNiff Jim Bentley College
McShane Mike Norwich University
Michaud Alfie University of Maine
Miller Brittany Boston University
Mirasolo Lee-J Harvard University
Moberg Steph Merrimack College
Moffat Steve Plattsburgh State
Montgomery Jim University of Denver
Monti Mike Williams College
Moore Greg Saint Mary's University
Motzko Bob St. Cloud State University
Murphy Ben Bentley College
Nemetz-Carlson Paul Quinnipiac University
O'Connell Albie Boston University
Pagliero Juiano Colgate University
Palkowski Tom University of St. Thomas
Palmer Joe Cornell University
Pearl Paul Harvard University
Pearson Mel Michigan
Pecknold Rand Quinnipiac University
Pellegrini Jeff Northeastern University
Petersen Brett Gustavus Adolphus
Petraglia Nick Miami Univ
Phalon Mark Hobart College
Pooley Paul Notre Dame
Quantock Aaron RPI
Quesnelle Len Boston University
Quinn David Boston University
Raboin Garrett St. Cloud State Univ.
Rassey Rob Harvard University
Reichenbach Richard University of Maine
Rice Jamie Babson College
Riga Bill Quinnipiac University
Riley Brian Army West Point
Rohlik Steve The Ohio State University
Ronan John Union College
Roth Meredith St. Norbert College
Roundy Peter Holy Cross
Ruzzi Mel Providence College
Sandelin Scott Minnesota - Duluth
Schafer Mike Cornell University
Schoedel Lucy Harvard University
Schooley Derek Robert Morris University
Schutte Barry Bowling Green State Univ.
Sciba Josh Union College
Segall Noah RPI
Sheahan Brock Holy Cross
Sheary Courtney Boston College
Sidhu Kush Pride Hockey
Siergiej Nick Notre Dame
Simpson Justin Providence College
Sisti Michael Mercyhurst College
Slaggert Andy Notre Dame
Smith Dave RPI
Smith Jason Northeastern University
Soderquist Ryan Bentley College
Steadman Kelley Mercyhurst College
Stone Katey Harvard University
Swallow Kevin University of New England
Syer Ben Cornell University
Tapp Jason Union College
Taylor Mark Hobart College
Thibodeau Troy UMass - Lowell
Thorp Bob University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Tozzo C.J. Plattsburgh State
Turner Cassie Quinnipiac University
Van Rentergem Kody Robert Morris University
Vaughan Don Colgate University
Vines Bryan RPI
Wilson Wayne RIT
Wood Jeff Plattsburgh State