The AHCA convention is available only to AHCA members. If you intend to attend the convention and are not a member, you must first submit the appropriate AHCA membership registration

2019 AHCA Convention Registrants

*If you do not see your name on this list, either you have not paid the registration fee or you have not paid your membership dues.

Convention fees are:
Division I NCAA Coach or Division 1 NCAA Support Staff - $185 per individual.
All Others - $165 per individual. These rates are if paying before March 31, 2019.
After April 1, the fee is $200 per person for everyone!


If you believe you were omitted from this list by error, please be sure to have proof of payment and then contact Kathy Bertagna at ahcahockey@comcast.net.

List current as of 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Payments can be made upon check in. No badges will be given out without membership and convention fees paid in full at the time of registration.

This list only includes AHCA members and NOT ACHA members

Last Name First Name Institution
Adrian Greg Minnesota
Aikens Mike Rochester Grizzlies
Allain Keith Yale University
Allen Dan St. Michael's College
Alvey Matt Albertus Magnus College
Ammerman John Minn. Hockey Coaches Assoc.
Anderson Jake Providence College
Augustine Adam Big Ten
Ayers Mike Boston College
Badalamenti Zach Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Baglio Dave Union
Baker Mitch Union College
Barr Ben University of Massachusetts
Bazin Norm UMass - Lowell
Beal Joel Miami Univ
Belisle Peter University of Massachusetts-Boston
Bellamy Laura Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Benedict Michael Minnesota State
Bennett Rick Union College
Bennett Rick Union College
Berard David Holy Cross
Berg Andy Air Force
Bergeron Chris Bowling Green
Berman Lindsay Northeastern University
Berry Brad University of North Dakota
Bertram Matt St. Cloud State Univ.
Bigham Kelsey University of Denver
Bingaman Nick Middlebury College
Bittle Logan Robert Morris University
Bittner JB The Ohio State University
Blair Ryan UMass - Lowell
Blasi Enrico Miami University
Bloomingburg Jason Aurora University
Blue Darren Minnesota State University
Boak Alex SUNY Canton
Bolding Mark Norwich University
Borek Scott Merrimack College
Borges Dana Colgate University
Boschetto Andy Niagara University
Brandt Andy St. Norbert College
Brausen Bethany Minnesota
Breen Dave Phillips Andover
Brekke Brent Clarkson University
Brooks Chris Michigan Tech University
Brown Celeste Penn State University
Bruneteau Matt Alaska - Anchorage
Brykaliuk Ashleigh Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Buckley Brendan Boston College
Burgio Chaislyn Oswego State
Callahan Ryan University of Vermont
Callan Michael Chatham University
Cardarelli Joe SUNY Cortland
Carle David University of Denver
Carpenito Nick Northeastern University
Carr Curtis Merrimack College
Carter Jason Saint Mary's University
Carvel Greg University of Massachusetts
Casacci Mark Jacksonville Hockey
Casacci Anthony Florida Alliance
Cavanagh Liam Robert Morris University
Cavanaugh Mike UConn
Cavosie Marc RPI
Ceglarski Jack University of New England
Ciocco Josh Merrimack College
Cisek Zack Lake Superior State Univ.
Cloud Anthony Owatonna High School
Coad Rhea Nazareth College
Coghlin Tim St. Norbert College
Colbert Whitney Union College
Cole Danton Michigan State
Cole Kevin Purdue Northwest
Coleman Jonathan Bentley College
Colontino Paul Robert Morris University
Commesso Nick Curry College
Connelly Shane Wisconsin
Connelly Bill Chatham College
Coomey Allison Penn State University
Corbett Mike Alabama-Huntsville
Corcoran Brian Dartmouth College
Corl Molly Boston Shamrocks
Crew JJ Western Michigan
Cronin Peter Holy Cross
Crowell Maura Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Crum Jackie Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison
Culhane Travis Western Michigan
Curley Matt University of Alaska - Anchorage
Cusack Lauren Neumann University
Daniels Bob Ferris State
Daniels Sydney Harvard University
Davis Chad RIT
Davis Karac Chatham College
Dawes Alex Penn State University
Dawes Dominick Stevenson University
Decosse Stefan Colgate University
Demczuk Christopher Penn State
DeMichiel Jared University of Massachusetts
DeMolina Alexis P.A.L. Jr. Islanders
Derraugh Doug Cornell University
Deschamps Matt St. Lawrence University
Desrosiers Matt Clarkson University
Dexter Brad Princeton University
Dickerman Shari MSU, Mankato
Digby Mark Oswego State University
Dillon Diane Oswego State
Dixon Evan Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Domenico Ali Providence College
Donald Ryan Yale University
Donati Kara Boston Shamrocks
Donato Ted Harvard University
Doyle Joe Air Force
Doyle Mike Brewster Academy
Doyle Dustin Bayard HS
Driscoll Jesse North American Hockey Academy
Driscoll Bill North American Hockey Academy
Dumais Joe Quinnipiac University
Durocher Brian Boston University
Dynan Rory Gustavus Adolphus
Effinger Eddie Amherst College
Eigner Ty Bowling Green State Univ.
Eklund Brian Boston University
Elek Deb Carolina Junior Hurricanes
Elliot Kane Chatham College
Emoff Tori Trine University
Enga RJ Colorado College
Exter Joe Michigan State University
Famulak Drew Ferris State
Fargo Greg Colgate University
Fast Brad Michigan State University
Feaster Theresa Providence College
Ferguson Dallas University of Denver
Ferraris Bob Trinity-Pawling
Ferry Doug Providence College
Field Mike Arizona State University
Finnegan Michael AIC
Fiorentino Tom Hobart College
Fisher Keith Penn State University
Fitzpatrick Mollie Norwich University
Flanagan Sean Cornell University
Flint David Northeastern University
Flygh Joakim Yale University
Fogarty Ron Princeton University
Frost Brad University of Minnesota
Gabinet Mike Omaha
Gadowsky Guy Penn State University
Gallagher Kate William Smith College
Gardner Greg Mercyhurst College
Gaudet Bob Dartmouth College
Gendron Red University of Maine
Gentzler Daniel Tufts University
Gershon Michael Robert Morris University
Gettens Alex University of Vermont
Gibbons Mike St. Cloud State Univ.
Giesen Jeff MSU, Mankato
Giuliano Jeff University of New Hampshire
Glionna Chris Suffolk University
Gordon Ben Minnesota
Gosek Ed Oswego State University
Gotkin Rick Mercyhurst College
Gotkin Brandon Maryland Black Bears
Gould Jeffrey Integrita Consulting
Gould Dan Princeton University
Grace Michael King's College
Graddock Mason Army
Graham Eric Bowdoin College
Granato Tony Wisconsin
Graser Josh Colgate University
Greason Matt Trinity College
Guerriero Jason Brown University
Guite Ben University of Maine
Hall Chris Merrimack College
Hamlen Erin Merrimack College
Hamre John Minnesota
Hanrahan Beth Mercyhurst College
Harder Mike Colgate University
Harnen Kaylee Northland College
Harrington John MSU, Mankato
Hastings Mike Minnesota State University Mankato
Hauge Josh Clarkson University
Haviland Mike Colorado College
Hayward Leon Colorado College
Heenan Gary Utica College
Heffernan Greg Western New England University
Hegarty John Boston College
Height Craig Sacred Heart University
Helton Tyler UConn
Herr Matt Robert Morris University
Herter Jason Minnesota - Duluth
Hicks Alex Arizona State University
Hietala Blake Gamblers Hockey
Hill Jeffrey University of Vermont
Hill Tom Holy Cross
Hills Brian RIT
Hofman Tom Trine University
Horn Kris Army
Hull Ryan Army
Huntley Dan University of Mary
Hurlbut Mike St. Lawrence University
Hurtt Lucas Boston College
Illikainen Morgan Dartmouth College
Insalaco Dave RIT
Isaacson Heath Post University
Jackson Jeff University of Notre Dame
Jackson Dean Cornell University
Jackson Dane North Dakota
Jacobs Steve Cushing Academy
Jenson Scott Fizz
Jerrard Paul Omaha
Jewell Dan RPI
Jindra Taylor St. Cloud State University
Johnson Graham MSOE
Johnson Mark Wisconsin
Johnson Tracy St. Olaf College
Johnson Joel University of Minnesota
Jones Andy UMass - Lowell
Jones Stephanie University of New Hampshire
Jones Casey Clarkson University
Kampersal Jeff Penn State University
Kamrass Josh MSOE
Kangas Bill Williams College
Kaufman Mark Ferris State Univ.
Kaufman Brian University of Nebraska - Omaha
Keady Liz Boston University
Keefe Jerry Northeastern University
Kelliher Pat Lake Forest College
Kelly Matt Providence College
Kent Andy Minnesota
Kesselring Casey New Hampton School
Kilstein Ashley Princeton University
Kimball Grant Aurora University
Kindret Jennifer King's College
Kirtland Paul Sacred Heart University
Klann Zech Salve Regina
Kleiber Jocey Stevenson University
Knott Todd Minnesota State University
Koch Dan Wisconsin
Krause Adam Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth
Krogol Kevin Morrisville State College
Krueger Tyler Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Krug Adam Adrian College
Krygier Todd Western Michigan
LaChapelle Katie Holy Cross
Lammers Jason Niagara University
Lamoureux Jacques Air Force
Lang Eric AIC
Large Trevor Canisius College
Larson Brett St. Cloud State University
Lassonde Dave Dartmouth College
Leaman Nate Providence College
LeBel Layne The Ohio State University
Lebowitz Zach Tufts University
Leclerc Sophie Colgate University
Lehtinen Rob Northern Michigan University
Lesswing Reid Fredonia
Lidgett John Aurora University
Lindsay Matt Penn State University
Loen Matt Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Lomanto Melissa Morrisville
Loughran Dan Geneseo
Lun Dave Wesleyan University
Luongo Chris Michigan State University
Lysyj Mike RPI
MacDonald Mike Curry College
MacDonald Blaise Colby College
MacDonald Steve St. Cloud State University
MacDougall Scott Sacred Heart University
MacDougall Bari Mare St. Lawrence University
Maci Tony Clarkson University
Mackenzie Chris UConn
MacMillan Tavis University of Denver
MacMillan Jackie College of St. Scholastica
MacMIllan Mike USA Hockey
MacPherson Scotty Kunlun Red Star
Madigan Jim Northeastern University
Madolora Shane RIT
Magera Andrew Penn State University
Mahan Ryan University of Massachusetts
Mallaro Stephen King's College
Malts Vince BloodLine Hockey
Manastersky T.J. Curry College
Mannino Peter Miami University
Marcou James Brown University
Marmer Danielle Connecticut College
Marottolo CJ Sacred Heart University
Marshall Arlen Manhattanville College
Matheson Andrew Arizona State University
Matthews Kerstin Saint Anselm College
Maurice Keith Trinity College
Mayes Dan Trine University
Mayotte Kris Providence College
McAteer Michelle Augsburg University
McCadden Pat Lawrence University
McCloskey Brian Dartmouth College
McGowan Hannah RIT
McGuane Dana RPI
McInnis Marty Boston College
McKelvie Zach Army
McLaughlin Mike Northeastern University
McLaughlin Gina Neumann University
McNiff Jim Bentley College
Meneghin Kayla Saint Anselm College
Meriney Chris Colgate University
Messa Will Notre Dame
Michaud Alfie University of Maine
Mignone Casey Rochester Grizzlies
Miller Steve The Ohio State University
Miller Brittany Boston University
Mirasolo Lee-J Harvard University
Moberg Steph Merrimack College
Mobley Max University of Notre Dame
Moffat Steve Plattsburgh State
Moore Bill Saint Mary's University
Moore Kevin Adrian College
Moore Greg Saint Mary's University
Moorhouse Evan University of Vermont
Moran Bart Castleton State
Morey Cara Princeton University
Morgan Gavin Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville
Morgan Rob Long Island University Brooklyn
Morris Mark St. Lawrence University
Moser Scott Canisius College
Motzko Bob University of Minnesota
Mountain Kyle Neumann University
Muckalt Bill Michigan
Mulcahy Neil So. New Hampshire
Muller Joe FPSHL
Murphy Ben Bentley College
Murphy Digit United Women's Sports
Murray Andy Western Michigan
Murray Sarah Korean National Team
Muzzatti Jason Michigan State
Nash Kelly Princeton University
Nelson Taylor Canisius College
Nelson Aaron U of St. Mary
Nicholson Matt Niagara University
Ninnemann Ann Univ. of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Noack Erik UMass-Dartmouth
Noel-Bernier Dave Omaha
Normore Erin St. Norbert College
Norris Logan Colorado College
Norton Pat Tufts University
Norton Maddy Holy Cross
O'Brien Sean Harvard University
O'Connell Albie Boston University
O'Grady Mike Nichols College
O'Malley Sean Lake Forest College
Oganeku Hannah St. Norbert College
Olczyk Eddie Bemidji State University
Oliver Nick St. Cloud State Univ.
Osiecki Mark Wisconsin
Ostrom Abby Trinity College
Pagliero Juliano UMass - Lowell
Palmer Joe Cornell University
Parker Katelyn UConn
Paskaris Stavros Princeton University
Patrick Kevin Vermont
Patronick Krista Dartmouth College
Paulsen Sis University of Wisconsin
Pauly Ken Benilde-St. Margaret's School
Pearl Paul Boston University
Pearson Mel Michigan
Pecknold Rand Quinnipiac University
Peffall Tom Stevenson University
Penna Justin Western Michigan
Pereira Joe UConn
Petersen Brett Gustavus Adolphus
Pettit Kyle St. Lawrence University
Phalon Mark AK-Anchorage
Phillips Nathan Culver Academies
Piacentini Melissa Northeastern University
Pietrangelo Vincent SUNY Canton
Pilch Karilyn Boston University
Plumer Jim University of Vermont
Pollock James Shawnigan Lake School
Pool Byron Northern Michigan University
Potter Chris Wesleyan University
Potulny Grant Northern Michigan
Powers Greg Arizona State University
Powers Barbara Michigan State University
Quesnelle Len Boston University
Raboin Garrett Minnesota
Racine Edith Cornell University
Rando Ashlynne Colgate University
Rassey Rob Harvard University
Renault Nicole Nichols College
Rice Jamie Babson College
Rider Kelly Northland College
Riga Bill Quinnipiac University
Riley Brian Army West Point
Rocha Larry St. Anselm College
Roche Shawn Quinnipiac
Rohlik Steve The Ohio State University
Rolston Ron Providence College
Ronan John Union College
Rose John Dartmouth College
Ross Chris So. New Hampshire University
Roth Meredith Holy Cross
Roth Meredith St. Norbert College
Roundy Peter Holy Cross
Rowntree Geoff Albertus Magnus College
Rud Eric St. Cloud State University
Russo Nick Bayard Rustin HS
Sandelin Scott Minnesota - Duluth
Santini Lou Johnson & Wales
Scanlan Jim Bemidji State
Schafer Mike Cornell University
Schneider Cory University of Massachusetts-Boston
Schooley Derek Robert Morris University
Schroka Kaylyn Adrian College
Schuler Laura Dartmouth College
Schultz Chris Geneseo
Schutte Barry Bowling Green State Univ.
Sciba Josh Union College
Segall Noah RPI
Serratore Frank Air Force
Serratore Tom Bemidji State University
Shank Colin University of New Hampshire
Shaw Matt North Dakota
Shawhan Joe Michigan Tech University
Shields Steve Michigan
Shyiak David Western Michigan
Siembida Josh Yale University
Siergiej Nick Notre Dame
Siergiej Jinelle St. Cloud State University
Silengo Bill Castleton State College
Silengo Jeff Union
Simpson Justin Colby College
Sisti Michael Mercyhurst College
Skelly Shawn Adrian College
Slaggert Andy Notre Dame
Smith Dave RPI
Smith Jason Northeastern University
Smith Britni Clarkson University
Sneddon Kevin University of Vermont
Soderquist Ryan Bentley College
Sokolski Jon Tufts University
Sorenson Eric Williams College
Souza Mike University of New Hampshire
St. Clair Colten Maine
Steadman Kelley Mercyhurst College
Steward Dallas Michigan Tech University
Stewart Glenn University of New Hampshire
Stone Katey Harvard University
Stork Dean Miami Univ
Strand Erik Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Strobel Mark Wisconsin
Swanson Pat University of North Dakota
Syer Ben Cornell University
Syner TJ University of Massachusetts
Szkodzinski Mike Lawrence University
Tapp Jason Union College
Taylor Mark Hobart College
Tetzlaff Phillip Neumann University
Therrien Nick Utica College
Thompson Steve Alaska - Anchorage
Thorp Bob University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Tollette Travis Bethel University
Tortorella Jim Harvard University
Tosone Michaela College of the Holy Cross
Totten Jaime William Smith College
Towns Mike AIC
Tozzo C.J. Plattsburgh State
Travis Tyler Mercyhurst College
Tropsa Jamie Conn. Ice Cats
Tyng Holley Colby College
Upton Tom Mercyhurst College
Van Rentergem Kody Robert Morris University
Vaughan Don Colgate University
Vines Bryan RPI
Walkland Chelsea Robert Morris University
Wallack Kyle Albertus Magnus College
Walsh Sean So. New Hampshire
Walsh Tyler Colby College
Walsh Stephanie University of New Hampshire
Walters Nick Alaska - Anchorage
Walther Sam Nichols College
Waslyk Taylor Suffolk University
Watchorn Tara Boston University
Weber Chuck RPI
Wells Chris St. Lawrence University
West Lance Univ. of Alabama-Huntsville
Whitmore Derek Bowdoin College
Whitten Damon Lake Superior State
Whittet Brendan Brown University
Wiedler Steve AIC
Wilson Wayne RIT
Winter Travis Bemidji State University
Wiseman Brian Michigan
Wisner Ted St. Lawrence University
Witt Hilary University of New Hampshire
Wolfe Jason Wolfe Hockey Development
Wood Jeff Plattsburgh State
Workman Cole Bemidji State University
Wulfe Elizabeth Wesleyan University
York Jerry Boston College
York Mike Lake Superior State Univ.
Young Matt SUNY Canton
Zacharias Sarah Balmoral Hall
Zimmerman Katie Amherst College