Register and Pay Online - NCAA Coaches Membership

Online Registration is a Two-Step Process:

1. Fill out the registration form below. The information provided will be published in the AHCA Directory. Please complete this form as completely and accurately as possible.

2. After submitting this form, you will be presented with various payment levels, please choose the appropriate price level to advance to our new secure online payment solution.

NCAA Dues are per coaching staff, not per person or per school. Only coaches, as defined by the NCAA, are covered under these dues. Division I men's and women's programs pay $450 per program. Division II-III schools pay $300 per program.

PLEASE NOTE: Only coaches, as defined by the NCAA, should be included on this form. Equipment managers, athletic trainers, video coordinators, administrative assistants and administrators must join separately as "Allied" members. Those forms must be submitted separately.

If you have any membership questions, contact Kathy Bertagna via