Early records indicate that All-American teams were loosely chosen before AHCA involvement. In some cases, the media or team managers were selectors. In other cases, only players from NCAA Tournament participants were eligible. Beginning in 1958, the AHCA oversaw the formal election of All-American squads. Information on the early teams came from newspaper accounts and may include spelling errors. Corrections should be forwarded to the AHCA.

First Team
Ian Watson - California GOALIE
Ross Smith - Michigan DEFENSE
Ed "Butch" Songin - Boston College DEFENSE
Pat Finnegan - California FORWARD
Bill Riley - Dartmouth FORWARD
Joe Slattery - Colorado College FORWARD
Second Team
Bernie Burke - Boston College GOALIE
Connie Hill - Michigan DEFENSE
George Pulliam - Dartmouth DEFENSE
Jim Bell - Northeastern FORWARD
Roland DePaul - Minnesota FORWARD
Wally Gacek - Michigan FORWARD